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英语 movED是什么意思

这个是考察的语态 语态有主动和被动的区别。纸张是不会自己动的

操作对象已经被移到这里 这是调试ASP.NET网页出现的故障提示

one thing which moved me is that I see nobody give the poor old woman begger one yuan when they pass by the tunnel in Chang'an Street, the old begger wearing very bad clothes with a cup in front of her.She show her hand out.I w...

I moved by the story of a movie Yesterday I saw a movie named What a Wonderful Life. The man was bankrupt which made him depressed and wanted to suiside. A angel helped him out and brought him into a world which had never exist...

moved here a few days ago . 几天前搬到这里。/搬到这来几天了。 具体音标 moved 英 [mu:vd] 美 [mu:vd] here 英 [hɪə(r)] 美 [hɪr] a few days ago 英 [ei fju: deɪz əˈɡəu] 美 [e fju dez əˈɡo...



第一个得改,like这里作介词,构成介宾结构一起作状语,表示: 他们都起来像两个皮球! 第二句话,只能去掉if,后面是一个宾语从句! 我害怕狗攻击它们!

moved (过去式)

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